Giant Strides, is now an official UK stockist for  Italian shoe Company Primigi. We have one of the largest ranges of Primigi shoes and sandals available in the UK, all ready for immediate delivery at competitive prices and backed up by our no nonsense returns policy. 

For over 30 years Primigi, the most popular brand with Italian mothers, has been committed to the most demanding consumers of all: children.

Primigi Baby, a range fo quality leather shoes aimed at  young children.

Primigi Boys is a well made, stylish and comfortable range of boys shoes aimed at toddlers to pre-teens.  

Primigi Girls is a feminine collection dedicated to young girls between the ages of 5 and 12.  This line satisfies a girl's need for fashion while meeting the quality standards of the most demanding parents.

One of the features that set Primigi shoes apart are their insoles.  The new Primigi AIR EFFECT SYSTEM insole found in Primigi shoes consists of a soft layer of foam material lined with two layers of natural leather.  Its secret lies in a special seal that closes the outer lining hermetically without compression, thus creating a soft cushion.  At each step, the air trapped inside moves from heel to toe and vice versa, conforming to the foot in movement while carrying out a reinvigorating massage.  The result is a comfortable support for your child's feet.

Another great feature of Primigi insoles is the SKY EFFECT SYSTEM which gives little feet a boost of energy and freshness.  Lightly padded and lined with natural leather to protect from the hardness of the ground, this insole provides a natural support for the foot.   Primigi insoles are extra light, pliable, breathable, antibacterial, removable and washable!

Comfort, great styling, and good fit make Primigi a leader in children's shoes.

The best prices for Primigi Shoes online by Giant Quality childrens shoes at sensible prices.